The Adventure Begins…

I guess this is as good a place to start this blog as any. Today we have received the go ahead from the Bournemouth Council Planning department, this grants us to use what was an A1 (retail) premises into an A3 (catering) premises. So that basically means there is nothing left to wait on and the lease is now complete. The estate agent has wished us the best of luck, the solicitor is happy and the landlord can’t wait to hand over the keys! Exciting times!

We have been very lucky to acquire 310 Wimborne Road in Winton, Bournemouth. The property is right next door to Natwest Bank, and in a busy stretch of the road, opposite the Alma Road Crossroads.

So how did we get here?

Upon visiting the property in early January, just out of curiosity really, we never thought we would end up getting the lease on the place, we decided to put in an offer. It was certainly our  dream location but we didn’t really think the landlord was going to take a risk on letting a start up business in his property. Nevertheless upon submitting our business plan it was revealed we were in direct competition with another business, another startup business too! This was good and bad, good in the way that another business is confident on the location too, but bad due to the fact that the other business wanted what we wanted. Both interested parties had submitted their plans and were left hanging, waiting to hear the verdict from the Landlord, very nervous times… However after much deliberation the landlord had decided he wanted us to move in. It’s certainly reassuring to have the landlords backing on this one, and in hindsight the long wait for the verdict at least shown he was invested and knows exactly where we are coming from with our business.  We had showed interest in a few other properties in the local area, and no landlord really showed a great deal of enthusiasm with turning their property into a Coffee Shop. Obviously this is fine, it’s the landlord’s property after all! The property at 310 was previously the ‘Sewing Machine Shop,’ and had once had the property next door too. To go from a Sewing Machine Shop to a Coffee shop is obviously a stark contrast, but one we believed the area would benefit from, not to mention the student population.

So right now we basically have a blank canvas at which to start our business. The property has been a Sewing Machine shop for many years, and obviously did not require the standard of finish that an eating establishment such as ours requires. We are prepared for weeks of stripping back, filling, demolishing, wiring, the list goes on! Attached are some initial images I took when I had a look at the property in January.

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