The floor needs some attention!

The past couple of weeks, we haven’t been able to get too involved in the shop. We have left the plumbers to do their thing and the electricians to do theirs. It’s been pretty nice to actually take a step back and leave them to it.

This being said, the floor was always at the back of our minds. We knew we had to level the floor throughout and lay a vinyl flooring too! Neither of which either of us had ever attempted. The floor in the main room was in a really bad state, with many holes needing filling and old concrete needing chiseling away. The floor out the back was even worse, with old latex compound and floor boards making life very difficult to work with, not to mention that the floor was actually a slope! The floor at the front was leveled okay in the end, however we came across a variety of issues along the way. Firstly the whole floor is about 100mm lower at one corner than the other, this make leveling pretty impossible without truck loads of compound. We tried our best to fill in the lower levels with sand and cement and stretch the compound as much as we could. We’re coming quite close to the max of our budget at this point so we can’t really afford the quality of compound to cover the floor again. This being said, a little filling here and there and the floor doesn’t look too bad!

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