Vinyl Flooring…Gotta be done at some point!

This was never going to be an easy task, in fact probably the most difficult part of this entire process. We were quoted over £8,000 for the flooring to be laid by an ‘expert.’ So with this figure in the back of our minds we decided to give it a go ourselves. Quite early on we had purchased the vinyl flooring, its anti-slip safety flooring (like you would have in hospitals) so this set us back around£1,500 all in all, not too bad. Laying the front room was a bit arduous due to the weight of the flooring however all in all was pretty straight forward, just took a while. Every part of the flooring had to be glued down, not just the edges, so this got us through bucket after bucket of flooring glue, not to mention squeegees and knee pads!

The corridor however was a whole different story. I recruited the help of a mate to give this a go. As the vinyl flooring is 2 meters wide and the corridor is only just over 1 metre wide, this seemed an impossible task to do without cutting up small pieces and making a jigsaw puzzle our of vinyl. We spent around 3 hours on this, non stop, I still don’t know how we managed it.


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