Exterior Refurb

The exterior is a hugely important, it’s the first thing you see and the main thing you remember about the Cafe. We’ve been quite lucky with this one. Our plasterer is a dab hand at marble plaster work. We never really envisaged using marble plaster on the outside but it’s certainly unique and will make us stand out really well. We played around with logo templates experimenting with what works and what doesn’t. Daryl (plasterer) worked on the main panels and the sides, but we decided the concrete mouldings would be best tackled with black paint at a later date. From what I understand, the surface needs to be primed, rendered and then skimmed with the marble plaster. It’s a time consuming process and is completely dependant on the weather. If it rains, all the hard works washes away. We are also only a week or so away from opening so time was really of the essence when the shop front was finally started. The plasterer would also need to use his scaffolding tower to do the higher panel, therefore really wouldn’t be suitable during opening hours.

How it stands right now…we have the marble plaster finished with the logo embossed into. We love this effect to give quite a weathered impression, as if it’s been there for decades. The concrete mouldings need to be painted however, along with the tiled floor.

At some point we would love to put up a canopy with some sign writing, this would do wonders in drawing the eye, but see how we go.

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