Right, I suppose we better Open for business!

So that’s it. Worked right down to the wire, in fact the plastering isn’t yet completed. Nevertheless, we are opening tomorrow. The exterior isn’t completely finished, neither is the painting out the back, however all minor things that can be amended as and when. Today was actually one of the most stressful. We received our order from the Wholesaler and was blown away by the quantity of what we ordered, maybe got a bit trigger happy with the ordering. Also a visit to the local Makro to stock up in acillery items was required, you always spend a lot more than you expected. The kitchen only got set up today and Dawn is yet to do a single bit of cooking or baking, so tomorrow will be a baptism of fire! We are using tomorrow as a soft opening, see what errors we make, see what we can change and then reopen Tuesday for real. As expected, our friends and family have planned to visit tomorrow, so we have that added pressure. We are both a bag of nerves at present but can’t wait for tomorrow, it’s only going to get easier from then on.


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