First Day complete. Now let’s get down to business!

Right, so the first day went as anticipated. We made pretty much every error we could have made from a lack of napkins to no teaspoons with the drinks. These were all minor issues which we just overlooked. We could have benefitted from a week to iron out these things before we opened, but due to our plasterers lack of urgency we didn’t get that chance. We have made the decision to close Sunday (11th) along with Monday to fix the issues we faced. Firstly, the kitchen needs some tweaks. The cheese on toasts were taking over half an hour in the grill we had,so that needs addressing for sure. Secondly, there is a real lack of space, some shelving is certainly needed. Out the front, it was more or less uptogether with the exception of a lack of teaspoons and napkins. We also fairly quickly ran out of tea cups. Tuesday 13th will be our official Grand opening, so hopefully by then, we should have a slick operation, fingers crossed! 

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